Hellenic Equestrian Federation

History of Hellenic Equestrian Federation

Shortly before the World War II, the Hellenic Riding Club is founded by a group of high-ranking army officers and riding enthusiasts. Its premises were in Holargos. This is the first official riding club in Greece, and it resumes its activities in 1951, after the war. By then its premises have moved to Paradissos, Amaroussion. The club becomes a centre of interest of for many Athenians, offering them an opportunity to practice the sport and; is the first important centre for the development of competitive riding in Greece.

Since then, equestrianism has developed apace, and is considered to be one of the rising stars of the sports firmament, as it appeals to such a wide audience, and especially young people. The Hellenic Equestrian Federation was founded in 1990. Since then the sport belonged to SEGAS, the Federation of all sports. New clubs are founded every year, new members enrol, and new horses appear on the competitive circuit.

As an indication of the scale of the phenomenon, mention could be made of the 80 riding clubs in the country, all are recognised by the H.E.F. The majority of these clubs is to be found in Attica. Thessaloniki is not far behind, with many recognised clubs, followed by Lamia, Volos, Halkida, Patra, Katerini, Halkidiki and Larissa, each with some recognised clubs.

Here are over 3.000 riders in Greece, and 1500 competition horses. The H.E.F. is a member of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI - Federation Equestre Internationale). The H.E.F. board of Directors comprises 11 members.


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