Hellenic Equestrian Federation

Kilkis Tournament

With record participation and absolute success!

The 4th Development Tournament was held at the facilities of the Kilkis Equestrian Club with a ecord participation and complete success.
The competition was attended by athletes from the organizer Kilkis Equestrian Club, Kavala Equestrian Academy, Serres Equestrian Association, Serres Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Pieria Equestrian Club, Sesklo Equestrian Center and athletes from Corfu, who, however, competed out of competition with the Varibompi Equestrian Club.

41 athletes with 31 horses competed. On Saturday, 53 athletes took part in dressage, while after the end of the competitions, an educational seminar was held by Ms. Georgopoulou and Ms. Ioannidou. On Sunday, 25 athletes competed in show jumping, while on Friday, an Athlete's License was held, with 11 candidates obtaining a permit to participate in competitions in the two disciplines.

The competition was honored with their presence by the Mayor of Kilkis, Mr. Dimitrios Kyriakidis & the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Anastasios Kazantzidis, while reports from the tournament were made on site by Pella News and Gnomi Kilkis, whom we thank for their interest in our sport.


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