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In Vlasia Romania the Balkan CH 

Markopoulo, September 6, 2022

Press release

In Vlasia, Romania, the Balkan Jumping Championship will be held this week, from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 September. With the aim of winning as many medals as possible, Greece will take part in the five categories Children, Juniors, Young Riders, Seniors and Amazons with 36 athletes:

This year's Senior Champion Ilias Baliousis with Casper d'Argouges, Yiannis Skandalis with Ego di Villagana, Kriton Zafeiropoulos with Dicaprio and Katerina Laskaridis with Concordia will compete in the Senior Team , while in the individual event Anna Papageorgiou with Kid Pleasure A'Asschaut, Nikolina Makarona with Arc de Triomphe, Alexandros Fourlis with Idefix del Laghetto and Panagiotis Tsaktiris with Cola Light will take part. A total of 6 Balkan countries with 32 athletes and horses will take part in this class. 

In the Young Riders Category, in team and individual competition, Greece will take part with 4 athletes, the 2022 Champion Antonis Antoniou with Janning, Konstantinos Baliousi with Merlot van de Lichtekouter, Dimitris Drougas with Sacripan GD and Artemis Pitsikou with Venice. Four countries will participate in this Category with a total of 20 riders.

This year's Champion Semeli Popp with Cash de la Hart Z, Tzortzia Sklaveniti with Magico, Simeon Parashakis with Boris du Melnire and Maya Drakaki with Justice will participate in the Junior Category Team. Zoi Stratigopoulou with Baladin Happy, Maria Gounela with For Conty, Dimitris Stergiou Yaketzoglou with Silene Belmaniere and Katerina Mela with Armani Bianco will also take part in the individual event. A total of 4 countries with 29 riders and horses will participate in the Junior Category.

This year's Champion Stefania Besiou with Amira, Vasiliki Baliousi with Times Square, Amaryllis Parashakis with Havanna vant Steeputje and Marili Katsamba with Halifax will participate in the Children's Team. Maria Kavalari with Dalia, Paraskevi Kanellaki with Urthago des Mottes, Loukas Baliousis with Uidjii and Semeli Laiou with Early H.B. will also compete in the individual event. A total of 5 countries with 30 riders and horses will compete in the Children's Category.

Maria Papourdanou with Butterfly des Rhodes, Danae Besdemiotis with Campino, Athanasia Haztiprimou with Cendrasine and Katerina Doubodel with Fleur VL will participate in the Amazon Team. Angelika Karaakasili with Cassanova, Maria Papachristodoulou with Cicero, Maria Boutsi with Taquine du Vivier and Aphrodite Glyki with Copyright will also compete. A total of 7 countries will participate in the Amazon Category with 36 Amazons and horses.

The veterinary inspection is scheduled for Wednesday, 7/9, while the competitions starts on Thursday, 8/9. The Chef D'Eqiope is Mr. Stavros Georgopoulos, a member of the Board of Directors of HEF and the Head of the Greek Mission is the President of HEF, Mr. Kostas Karakasilis.

 From the Press Office of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation


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