Hellenic Equestrian Federation

Jumping Cup 2024

The Cup winners 2024!

Photos: Photobit

The first event of the year for the jumping sport was successfully completed on Sunday, April 21.

On the two days of April 20-21, the 3rd and final competition of the Greek Cup took place at the sand arena of the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centerand the Cup Winners in the seven categories were announced.

In the Children's Category, the winner of the 3rd competition was also the Cup Winner of the year. Vasiliki Baliousi of IOA with Golden Girl 163 who collected a total of 54 points in the three competitions.

In the Juniors' Category, the athlete who took the 2nd place in the final was the Cup Winner. Ann Nomikou with Rushdie of IOB who collected a total of 56 points.

Στην Κατηγορία Αμαζόνων η νικήτρια του 3ου αγώνα, Σάσα Χατζηπρίμου με τον Cendrasine του ΙΟΒΟΠ, ήταν η Κυπελλούχος της χρονιάς με 40 βαθμούς.

In the Young Riders' category Aremis Pitsikou with Venice of IOA, who won all three competitions, was the Cup Winner with 60 points.

In the Seniors' Category, Ilias Baliousis, also of IOA, with Casper d'Argouges was named the winner, having 44 points in the three events.

Finally, in the 6/7-year-old Young Horses' category, the horse Citizens Dream with Alexandros Fourlis of AIOKEN was also Cup Winner with 3 wins and 60 points and in the 4/5-year-old Young Horse Category, the horse Tjebert van de Marsweg with Petros Papidas was Cup Winner with 36 points.



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