Hellenic Equestrian Federation


The Championship in Lamia!

Markopoulo, May 22, 2024

Press release

The two-days 25 and 26 May, the Endurance Championship will be held in Lamia.

The Hellenic Equestrian Federation and the Sports Equestrian Club of Lamia jointly organize in the wider area of Lamia, the Championship, during which the Champions of Children, Juniors and Seniors will be announced.

More than 60 pairs of riders and horses will take part in the courses of the CEN1* (100-119km), Juniors (80-99km) & Children's (60-79km) championships to win the titles, as well as in the other categories of B (80-99) km., C (60-79) km., D & D CHILDREN & D (40-59) km. and E II (20-39) km.

The veterinary inspection is scheduled for all categories on Saturday, May 25, while the detailed program and start times of the Categories are as follows:

SATURDAY 25/5/2024

time 08:00 start D (40-59χλμ.)

time 08:15 start D  Ελ. Συμμετοχής(40-59χλμ.)

time 08:20 start D Π.Ι.Ι.(40-59χλμ.)

time 09:00 start Ε & Ε Π.Ι.Ι.(20-39χλμ.)

time 09:15 start D CH (40-59χλμ.)

SUNDAY 26/5/2024

time 06:30 start Seniors CEN1*(100-119χλμ.)

time 07:00 start Juniors (80-99χλμ.)

time 07:30 start Β (80-99χλμ.)

time 08:00 start CH (60-79χλμ.)

time 08:30 start C (60-79χλμ.) 



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