Hellenic Equestrian Federation

Panhellenics Dressage

Sklavounos, Maika, Sidira, Katsikis Panhellenic Dressage Champions

Markopoulo, December 17th 2018

Press Release

With the emergence of Pan-Hellenic Dressage Champions last night the 2018 program was successfully completed. Kelly Sklavounou, Elisavet Maika, Despina Sidira and Alexandros Katsikis became Panhellenic winners respectively in the Seniors, Young Riders, Juniors and Children categories.

Specifically after the two rounds in the Seniors Class, IOB's Amazon Kelly Sklavounos and Quanderas had the highest percentage 68.869% and won for the third time the title of Panhellenic. In 2nd place was Christina Sachinoglou with Rafaello 4 of AIOAT with 66.256% and in 3rd place Antonia Tsamandoura with Hope for the Future of IOB, with 64.928%.

In the Young Riders Class, for the second consecutive time, Elisabeth Maika of AKIV and Sir Kavalier won the title of Pan Hellenic with a total percentage of 65,455%, followed by Alexandra Arvaniti with Salvanos Song of IOB with 64,402%

and Maria Vardaki of AIOP with Baiao with 59.720%.


In the Junior Class, Despina Sidira of AIAT with Windsor won for the first time the title of Panhellenic with a score of 65.680%. In 2nd place was Rafaellia Georgouleas with Cassian of EIO with 65,139% and Eleni Retsou of IOB with Fairytale in the

third place with 64,242%. 


In the Children's Class, after the title of the Champion, Alexandros Katsikis with Dangast of EIO won the title of Panhellenic winner with a total of 66,764. In 2nd place Izabela Atsalakis of IAK with Nikos with 62,102% and 3rd place Zoe Tertippi of AIOAT with Capuccino and 60,176%AIOAT with Capuccino and 60,176%. 


Polynikes of the year in the Da, G4 and A3 Seniors were Antonia Tsamandoura with Hope for the Future of IOB, Rafaellia Georgoulea with Cassian of EIO and Katerina Genidounia of AKIV with Guidany.

From the Press Office of the HEF


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